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The therapeutic activity

   We prepared for our Occupants needs the row of the attractive forms of the therapy and individual plan support. Therapeutic occupations are hold in the equipped suitably studio under the qualified instructor direction. Programme and activity on occupations he is not thrown and stiff duty treat our occupant voluntary wish.

   We propose our Occupants:

    • the occupation plastic-therapeutic

    • the horticultural therapy

    • culinary occupations

    • workshops, music - theatrical, works own

    • the occupation cultur - educational

    • library and cinema without going out from the house

    • workshops programmer's - photographic

    • occasional events

    • fires, dancings

    • integrations social

    • priestly care

   One of the form is also bed – therapy, the reading of newspapers, books, simple manual tasks and conversations - being holding severally. In dependence from Occupants needs and workings supporting stood the contact with volunteers from various institution, which they visit our person under charge willingly, they give them the pleasure one's performances. Clubs Seniors are this among others, individual artists, Listeners University Third Age, schools, kindergardens, etc .

   During led therapeutic occupations use acquired by each other earlier skills and inborn talent from the range of manual works and also artistic. Thanks to the varied forms of therapeutic influences is possible activation and socialism our Guest. The chance of levelling and slow down the progress gives our Occupants the feeling of the membership, safety and full acceptance.

   The active and full colours the life being the foundation of our House, stately will assure you to close and joyful surviving of the his autumn.

 Give the chance on exceptionality!