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The conditions of the party:

   To settle in our House the contact indispensable is with our secretariat, dear mail or telephone, in the aim of the obtainment of preliminary information – and also making an appointment organizational on the terrain in our house, where we will acquaint you with required records and the conditions of party to the our centre.


   Documents required near the party to the House Senior „Romantica”

  • the conclusion about the party to the House Senior „Romantica”
  • certificate about the state of the health the person applying about the party House Senior „Romantica”
  • the list of medicines accepted by the Occupant
  • additional information relating to the Occupant
  • the proof personal or different document confirming the Mover identity
  • judgement about the degree of being handicap - if it was on display
  • the current results of investigations: morphology, the level of the sugar, the general investigation of urine,
  • the RTG of chest, HCV, HBS, the cards of the hospital treatment, the psychologist or psychiatrist opinion.


   Personal things required near the party to the House Senior „Romantica”

  • Take down the toilet: accessories to the hygiene of the oral pit ( brush and paste to teeth,dish to artificial limbs and liquid to the cleaning of artificial limbs ), sponge, used cosmetic centres, accessories to shaving, accessories to nails;
  • Slippers (footwear should be comfortable and stable), bath flip-flops under the shower;
  • Pyjamas, night shirt, bathrobe;
  • Sport clothes;
  • Clothes and the underwear of the everyday use.